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Trux Accessories

Since 2000, Trux Accessories Has Offered The Most Unique And Innovative Accessories In The Trucking Industry. Truck Drivers Have Been An Inspiration To Trux, Encouraging Us To Deliver Original Accessories With Detailed Design And Quality. In Turn, Trux Accessories Has Built A Reputation That Has Made Us Pioneers In The Industry Of Chrome And LED Lighting.

Founded by two brothers, known for their passion for chrome, began in the family business supplying heavy duty parts to the trucking industry. It all started in 1959 when their grandfather opened a truck tire shop supplying local fleets. The tire shop turned into a large distributing center under the leadership of the co-founder's father. In turn, the brothers learned many old fashion lessons on treating the customers right and always supplying products with superb quality. 

The TRUX team is consistently inventing new products to feed the ever-growing chrome industry. This drive has propelled the Trux™ Brand to become one of the most original and innovative lines in the truck accessory market. As the leading manufacture in aftermarket LED lighting, Chrome and Stainless accessories, Trux has and will always produce the best quality products. 

Feel free to visit our vast collection of LEDs, Work lights, Headlights, Fenders, Exhausts and Stainless trims on our website or at your local PSC Parts in Pawtucket, Rhode Island or Plainfield, CT!!

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D612, Double Female Bullet Plug Wire Harness with 12" Spacing - 100 Foot Spool

Trux Accessories D612 Wiring Harness 100 Feet - Double Female Bullet Plugs, 12" Spacing between Plugs, 92 Plugs Total, 16 Gauge Wire

TBEZ-2CH4, Chrome Bezel 2" - "Lock ON"

Trux Accessories TBEZ2CH4 Chrome "Lock On" Bezel - 2" Round

TB-F2R, Flexible LED Roll - Red, 16 Feet

Trux Flexible LED Roll - Red, 16 Feet, 18 Diodes per Foot

TB-FCLIP, Clear Tube Clip with Double Sided 3M Tape

Trux Clear Tube Clip for Flexible LED Roll - Double Sided 3M Tape

TFEN-FKIT, Full Fender Mounting Kit - Threaded Post Mount

Trux Full Fender Mounting Kit - Threading Post Mount

TLED-4100W, 4" Back Up LED - White, 19 Diodes

Trux 4" LED Back Up Light - White, 19 Diodes

TLED-48CR, 4" LED Clear to Red STT LED Fleet Light - 8 Diodes, DOT Compliant, Clear Lens

Trux Accessories TLED48CR LED Clear Lens to Red Stop, Tail & Turn Fleet Light

TLED-4X40A, 4" Dual Revolution LED - Red S/T/T to Amber Auxiliary

Trux Dual Revolution LED - Red Stop/Tail/Turn to Amber Auxiliary, 4"

TLED-4X40AS, 4" Round Dual Revolution Red STT to Amber Strobe LED - 19 Diodes

Trux Accessories TLED4X40AS Dual Revolution LED - Red Stop, Turn, Tail to Amber Strobe LED Light - 4" Round

TLED-BX3AW, LED Mini Marker Amber to White Dual Revolution - 3/4" Round, 2 Diodes, DOT Compliant

Trux Accessories TLEDBX3AW LED Mini Marker Amber to White Dual Revolution - 3/4" Round, 2 Diodes, DOT Compliant

TLED-BX3RP, LED Mini Button Dual Revolution - Red/Purple

Trux Mini Button Dual Revolution LED - Red/Purple, 13/16" Round

TLED-BX3RW, LED Dual Revolution Mini Button - Red / White

Trux Red & White Dual Function LED Mini Button