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Height Control Valves

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171.H102, Height Control Valve - Barksdale Style

Barksdale Type Height Control Valve - Ford XC455A687AA, Freightliner 1614318000, Volvo 3188710

170.HNSI, Hendrickson Lift Axle Control - Inside Cab Air Control

Hendrickson Height Valve HACNSI - Non-Steer Application Mounts Inside Cab, Manual Rise/Lower, PTC Fittings, Single Panel - Hendrickson HLKNSI01, 4319, R004319, Watson & Chain ACK

171.H00500COE, Height Control Valve - OEM Hadley

HEIGHT CONTROL VALVE OEM HADLEY - SINGLE SUSPENSION PORT, Tractor and Trailer Valve - Integral Pressure NC Dump, High Flow with Short Delay, Single Suspension Port 3/8 PTC, Includes 3 Levers and 2 Mounting Brackets

171.H184, Height Control Valve - Hendrickson Type

HCV Non-Delay. Adjustable Arm (5",6.88", 7.38"). Uses MSRK3760.

171.KN27000, Height Control Valve - Midland Type

Immediate Response IR, Standard Flow, 2 Suspsension Ports - 1/4" NPT with 14" Lever Arm, with 12" Adjustable Vertical Link, Lower Anchor and Mounting Bracket Kit

171.LV100, Height Control Valve - - Neway Type

Controlled Response CR HCV with 1 Suspension Port 1/8" NPT, Valve Only

E-4323, Height Control Valve - Neway / Holland, Hutch Trailer H1200, Fruehauf Trailer NT2, Chevy Rear

Euclid Height Control Valve, Neway Type E4323 - Chevy / GM 22040570, 5549705, Firestone WC13583599, Haldex 90554928, Kenworth K2954171, Meritor R304323, Neway 90054007, Oskosh 121288B

KN27000, Height Control Valve Kit - EGP Standard Flow

Haldex Height Control Valve Kit EGP Standard Flow Leveling Valve - 1/4" NPT All Ports